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Welcome to REGO2Go - A NSW vehicle registration service that comes to you!

At Rego2go we offer an Automotive Registration and Inspection Services for all vehicle owners and people moving to NSW from other states or those who's registration has lapsed. OurMobile Pink Slip Inspection Service in Sydney experienced team works closely with the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (NSW RTA)  to provide expedited vehicle inspection, registration and emission testing for new, used and historic vehicles.

Whether you need a Blue Slip Vehicle Inspection, Pink Slip Inspection or a Green Slip renewal, we make things as easy on you as possible. Our representative comes to your home or office, picks up your vehicle* (even if its unregistered) and all the appropriate documents, returns back to our Authorised Inspection Station. We then carry all the necessary inspections to make sure that your vehicle is road worthy and that your vehicles identity is correct.

If major repairs are needed, we'll arrange for your car to be picked up from our centre by one of our Authorised Repair Agents who will carry out all the necessary repairs, your vehicle and return it back to us.

Once  complete, we will take all your vehicle together with all your documents to the RTA and register your vehicle for you, on your behalf. We then  return your your registered vehicle back to you promptly and in most cases by the end of that day. Our friendly and professional staff will take care of you, 6 days a week so that you can spend less time at the mechanic and more time with your family.

Our Goal
Our Service has one single goal: to quickly, efficiently, and painlessly handle all of your vehicle registration and inspection needs.

At Rego2go our biggest aim is to save citizens and companies of Sydney both time and needless frustration in their interactions with the various Departments of Motor Vehicles in Sydney metro area. Our service has one single goal, and that is to quickly, efficiently and painlessly handle your vehicle registration and inspection needs.

In order to establish NSW Light Vehicle or Motorcycle registration You need:

1. Blue Slip, which is roadworthy Certificate.
2. Green Slip, which is a Compulsory Third Party Insurance.

This is required even if your Vehicle in Comprehensively Insured. In NSW every Vehicle must have Green Slip (CTP) prior to establishing registration. If you moved to NSW from other states of Australia, you've probably never heart about Green Slip, because everywhere else in Australia it is combined with your car registration, meaning that you get your CTP automatically when you pay for your Vehicle registration. There are the things we organize for you as well as establishing your registration.

Here is what You need to have before booking your car with REGO2GO:

A NSW driver's License or RTA Customer number.
To get this you need to attend RTA with 100 points ID (Passport works the best) and prove of address in NSW like a utility bill or Bank Statement showing your current NSW address. This is something we can not do for you. You must establish Identity with RTA.

If you moved from Interstate and transferring registration of Vehicle that already belongs you and registered in your name, RTA will require a Certificate of registration from the State you came from showing your name on the Certificate. If you don't have a prove of ownership of the Vehicle, RTA will send a request to the State you came from to confirm ownership of the Vehicle. It can take up to 4 days to get a reply. This will cause delay with registering your Vehicle.

If it is a new Vehicle that you've just purchased Interstate, a receipt or Bill of Sale will be required.
In most cases Registration process takes 1 day. We collect your Vehicle in the morning and return it to you in the afternoon. Let us know if you would like to have it serviced on the same day and we will Service it for you.

We look forward to taking hassle out of Vehicle Registration Process.

* Pick ups from CBD and the Eastern Suburbs. Please enquire about pick ups from other area's.